Photographers and Videographers at your Wedding: Do You Need Both?


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Typically, at most weddings there will be a photographer, regardless of the size or budget of your wedding. This will most likely be one of the most important days of your life, and the wedding pictures you have will showcase the memories and experience everyone shared in.

When you are planning your budget, you are making room for a wedding photographer, and may ask yourself if you need a videographer. Typically, the decision to have both is based on personal preference and the budget, because these are two different mediums. Videography will capture all the moments at your wedding as they are presented in living color, with all the sights and sounds of the celebration. Some couples want their entire wedding filmed to look back on, show their kids, and reminisce on the experience. 

 Photography captures a series of all the priceless and candid moments happening during your wedding, prompting you to recall the memories during your marriage. These photos can be shared among family and friends, and with everyone in attendance.

The decision to have both a videographer and photographer at your wedding can be beneficial if everything does work within the budget. It is not uncommon for both mediums to work together at weddings, and things can run smoothly. When you are looking for vendors, such as those found at, you might find that wedding photographers will often have full packages. It means the company will offer photography, but may also provide a videographer and photo-booth rentals, for example. 

 If you do choose to have both, it can make it easier to coordinate their shooting plans when it is one vendor for both services, because it will ensure the best possible work is done. Because many vendors that offer wedding photography also provide videography services, it has become popular to have both at weddings. Drone photography and videography for example, has allowed couples to get aerial shots of their venue and wedding, and sometimes overhead video of an outdoor ceremony, showcasing the venue they have selected.

Part of the reason why videography has become more popular is because video technology has evolved. While photography can capture all those candid moments and frame them forever, videos can catch the things you may miss, and capture the sounds from the ceremony and reception.  

 Very often, couples will look back, and many will consider their wedding video as their favorite memory from that day. It could be something that a couple watches every year on their anniversary. Some couples do prefer having everything captured on video, because the photographer may not be able to get everything you want. There may also be something within the video you will want as a picture, which the initial photography did not capture. Nevertheless, the photography will capture the exact moment when it happened, and it is framed forever.

There is no clear-cut and dry answer for if you should have both. However, you should speak to your photographer, gather input from a videographer and see their work. Compare everything within your budget, and decide as a couple. For life-long memories, there are more pros than cons for having both at your wedding, because you could have the best of both mediums captured for years to come. 

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