Film Mavericks

In 2015, Jordan Bunch started Ladybird Wedding Films with the dream of creating a volume video brand and building a team of filmmakers. That company grew quickly and is now known as Ladybird Studios, offering both affordable wedding photography and videography.

Once Jordan had a solid team and Ladybird became a well-oiled machine, he was ready to tackle his next dream: creating a corporate brand. That’s when Film Mavericks was born!

Jordan has always had a passion for storytelling. He started in the wedding industry, telling incredible love stories through photography and videography. When he decided to move into the corporate space with Film Mavericks, he wanted to stay rooted in storytelling.

Film Mavericks is a unique company because Jordan and his team focus not just on shooting corporate videos and events, but doing so in a way that really tells the story of the company or client. Film Mavericks also specializes in creating YouTube channels for entrepreneurs and business people who want to become experts in their field and take their businesses to the next level.

Jordan has also created a web series about entrepreneurs called “Mavericks.” Several episodes have already been released. Check them out on the Film Mavericks YouTube channel!

To learn more about Film Mavericks and keep up with Jordan’s latest adventures, visit the website and follow on social media!


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