8 Country Love Songs to Spice Up Your Summer Wedding

Looking for a killer playlist for your rustic summer wedding? Dance away the hot summer night with these sweet country tunes!

1. Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter

This classic country love song is the perfect tune to slow down your evening. This sentimental song will have every couple sharing a sweet dance on the dance floor.

2. Summertime by Kenny Chesney

If you're looking for a fun tune to jam to, this song by Kenny Chesney is just what you need. Can't have a summer wedding without this classic tune!

3. 19 You + Me by Dan & Shay

This song is guaranteed to remind you of what's it's like to be young and in love. As you're dancing with your new spouse, you'll be reminded of the bliss of your early days!

4. Long Hot Summer by Keith Urban

It's impossible not to smile when Keith Urban starts singing! This fun song will make you get up and dance as you reminisce about what it feels like to have a summer love. 

5. Drunk on You by Luke Bryan

This sexy and smooth song is just what you need on a hot summer night. Luke Bryan knows just how to spice things up!

6. I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes

It is impossible to be anything but giddy when you hear this song. Hunter Hayes brings a bubbly happiness to this upbeat song about "letting love do what it does" and being crazy together. 

7. Love I've Found in You by Lady Antebellum

This super sweet song is literally perfect for a newly married couple! "Some people search the whole world over just to find a love that's even half as true, as the love I've found in you." Need we say more?

8. Breathe by Faith Hill

Looking for a good slow song to wind down or end the night? Leave it to Faith Hill to give us goosebumps with this deeply romantic tune. You'll definitely be holding your loved one close as you ride the waves of this sweet song.

What are some of your favorite country love songs? Give us a shout!

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