Top 10 Songs for Your First Dance

The first dance you share as newlyweds is something you will never forget! It's important to choose the perfect song that you and your love can dance to.  Here are 10 of our favorite picks for the first dance! 

1. All of Me by John Legend

This beautiful love song conveys what it feels like to love someone with your whole being. John Legend combines elegant piano, lovely vocals, and touching lyrics in this sweet love ballad. As you're dancing the night away with your beloved, you are bound to be thinking "all of me, loves all of you." 

2. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

No one melts hearts like Ed Sheeran! This happy song provides beautiful lyrics and a melody perfect for dancing. It's about finding that perfect love right when you least expect it. Also, how amazing is this dance?!

3. You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne

You can't go wrong with this classic tune! This song is the perfect way to celebrate being newlyweds! If you're looking for a more upbeat tune for your first dance, we definitely recommend this fun song! The lyrics literally say, "You are the best thing that ever happened to me!" Doesn't get much better than that!

4. When You Love a Woman

Most people wouldn't think of Journey when thinking of a first dance, but this song is beyond beautiful. With his stellar vocals, Steve Perry sings an unforgettable love ballad that describes what it's like to truly love a woman. This romantic tune would be a great pick for an amazing and unique first dance. 

5. Somebody Like You by Keith Urban

For all you country brides out there, we recommend this feel good classic by Keith Urban! Who said the first dance has to be a slow dance? Get out on the floor and two-step the night away to this sweet love song! 

6. Wedding Dress by Matt Nathanson

This song is about that feeling you get when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. Gentlemen, you know exactly what this feels like. You start seeing your future in her hands, you start imagining forever, and you start wanting nothing more than to see her in a wedding dress. This song is a great way to celebrate the moment you've long been waiting for!

7. When You Move by Parachute

This simple, acoustic duet is a perfectly sweet tune for your first dance. It recalls the way it feels to fall in love with someone and all their little details. You've come so far to get to this moment, why not celebrate with a song that reminisces in the memory of falling in love? 

8. It Had To Be You by Harry Connick Jr.

For all you old-fashioned couples, we know you'll love this classic and timeless tune! This jazzy tune marries sweet lyrics with that big band feel. You'll have one classy first dance with this amazing song! Besides, Harry's voice was made for wedding songs! 

9. Oye Como Va by Santana

Looking for something with a little more flair and spice? This upbeat tune will really get you and your spouse movin' and groovin'! 

10. You Can Have Mine by Dan Layus

Dan Layus knows how to tug at your heartstrings with his incredible vocals and acoustic, folk-y melodies. This simple song is the perfect slow dance music. It's about sticking by someone's side and being there no matter what.

Jordan BunchComment