Our Story

Ladybird Studios was born on...you guessed it, Lady Bird Lake! Jordan skipped his lunch meeting with a friend as the two opted to go paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake instead. As they paddled towards Barton Springs, an idea was born.

The two friends had met in Austin, Texas where they began to pursue their dream of creating the most beautiful wedding films their clients had ever seen. 

Hundreds of weddings later, Jordan decided to pass his gifts on to couples who wanted a stunning wedding film of their big day, but could not afford the designer price tag that came with his own brand. Thus the idea for his new company (then named "Ladybird Wedding Films") was born in 2015.

In order to launch this new company, he began training local talented aspiring filmmakers with the techniques that had made his own wedding films gain local fame in order to offer couples the best balance of quality wedding films and affordable price. 

From there, Ladybird Wedding Films continued to evolve and thrive. In 2017, Jordan met local photographer Matt Stegall and officially added photography to the company. Ladybird Wedding Films became Ladybird Studios, expanding the dream to offer both beautiful wedding films and photography at an affordable price. 

Jordan, Matt, Taylor (Studio Manager), and Marshall (Video Editor) now have an office in Round Rock, Texas where you can stop by to say hi and let us show you some more of our amazing work. We would love to chat with you more about how we can create absolutely beautiful films and photos of your wedding.