In Her Shoes: Getting to Know Lindsay Blackwell


This week, we are eager to introduce you to Lindsay Blackwell, the founder of In Her Shoes Coordination! We had a blast getting to know each other and talking all about weddings. Check out the full interview here to learn about Lindsay and her awesome company!

Lady Bird: When did your passion for weddings begin, and what made you want a career as a wedding planner?

Lindsay: I had been in sales for a while and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted continue the sales aspect and do something with events. A friend of a friend was in the wedding industry, and she told me all about her job. Everything just fell in my lap from there. I started working in the wedding industry and loved it. When I think about other things that I might do if I wasn't a wedding planner, I don't see myself as anything else. I definitely see myself as a wedding planner. I think it chose me, really.

Lady Bird: When did you decide to start your own business as a wedding planner?

Lindsay: I had been working in the industry for almost four years at the time. I was working at a venue on Lake Travis doing the in-house coordination for them. I came to a resting point when I went on maternity leave and had a few months to start working the idea for my business. It was during my leave that I came up with the name and started the website, and it just went up from there. It was through vendor connections and word of mouth that I was able to really get rolling. 

Lady Bird: What is your philosophy/mission for your company?

Lindsay: In the beginning, my mission was personal. I started my company because I knew what I wanted to do and I wanted to see how I could do it for myself. I didn't know a whole lot about business, but I had wedding planning experience and figured I could just teach myself the rest. I think now, my mission has evolved into me just wanting to be a good and easy person to work with. My mission is to really connect with my clients and make them feel comfortable while we plan the biggest day of their lives. At In Her Shoes, we want you to feel like you're planning your wedding with your sister or your mom. Ultimately, we want you to feel like you can talk to us about anything. 

Lady Bird: What makes your company unique? Why should a bride hire you?

Lindsay: I think that is such a hard question. It may seem obvious to say that we're super organized and detail oriented, but that is such a big part of all the moving parts that have to go into wedding plans. The coordinator is the one who has to oversee it all and make sure all the moving parts are happening when they are supposed to happen. Brides should hire us because we are a people person and we are passionate about keeping all the parts organized and moving. I love being able to take a couple's wedding plans into my hands so all they have to focus on is enjoying their special day. 

Lady Bird: What is your favorite part about working in the wedding industry?

Lindsay: I love to see the end product. After months and months of pouring over all the minute details, it's beautiful to see everything come together. Because I'm the one planning the wedding, I know it's going to be awesome. But to see the client see that and realize how wonderful it all is, that's my favorite part. I also love the troubleshooting. Not every wedding happens exactly as you plan it. It sounds funny, but I actually love the problems that come up and finding a way to fix them. Sometimes you get a sense of teamwork going with all the vendors, you find a solution, and things turn out better than you planned. 

Lady Bird: During the wedding planning process, what are some of the biggest mistakes you've seen brides make?

Lindsay: Of all the different problems that can happen to brides, it really all boils down to not hiring a wedding planner or vendors that are able to accommodate what you really want. There are lots of small things that brides often don't think about. It's very important for brides to hire professionals and really be thoughtful about which vendors they are choosing. And that's what I love to do. I love to connect vendors with clients and help them build the relationship from there.

Lady Bird: If you could give a bride just one piece of advice, what would it be?

Lindsay: That's so easy. Hire a coordinator!! I think ultimately, you're going to need one. I have brides who are super Type A, OCD, and organized and want to plan everything. But you have to ask yourself, who is going to do those things on your day? Who is going to step into your shoes and run all of those things that you worked out? That question should always go through a bride's mind. Even if I wasn't a coordinator, that's still the best advice I could possibly give. 

Thank you, Lindsay! We are so happy to have connected with you and your company! Check out more about In Her Shoes by visiting their website!

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