All-Time Favorite Wedding/Love Songs Part 2

Everyone knows that the music choices make all the difference at a wedding! The best wedding playlist will have you laughing, crying, and everything in between! Here at Lady Bird Wedding Films, we love wedding music. Our next set of favs may not be your traditional wedding songs, but they showcase the many different angles of love. 

1. Turning Page - Sleeping At Last

This beautiful melody appeals to all your emotions and makes for a great first dance song. It will leave the newlyweds feeling like "nothing prepared me for, what the privilege of being yours would do."

2. Hello I am in Delaware - City and Colour

This simple acoustic song reminds us that sometimes we have to be apart from the ones we love, but no matter what happens in life, "I will see you again." 

3. Still Loving You - Scorpions

Weddings are beautiful, but marriage can be tough. This song makes us feel the ups and downs of love and tells us that when things get tough, "love, only love can bring back your love."

4. Sway - Dean Martin

Who doesn't love a little Dean Martin? This classic tune was made for lovers to dance to! With its perfect rhythm and hint of seduction, it will sweep newlyweds away. Even though "other dancers may be on the eyes will see only you."

5. All I Want - Kodaline

This song has a hint of sadness, reminding us how it feels when love leaves us. It contains the universal feeling that "all I want, all I need, is to find somebody." When played at a wedding, it serves as a reminder of the heartache of the past and the beauty of having found a love that will last. 


Love this unique collection of songs? Tell us some of your unconventional favorites!

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